Learn German Language

Learn German Language

German Courses – Learn German successfully in Germany
German Courses for Adults – Learning German in four different and interesting German cities

German courses are offered at four very different locations: you can choose between the capital Berlin, the Rhine metropolis Cologne, the Bavarian state capital Munich, or the charming little town of Radolfzell on Lake Constance. Each location has its own character and its own merits.

We offers you internationally recognized examinations at all levels and accommodation with a German host family or in a hostel or apartment. Free programs for cultural, sporting and other leisure time activities are also available.

German Intensive Course 24+6:
The Intensive Course 24+6 provides you with the German language skills required for further education, to achieve your career goals and broaden your horizons. In our short-term courses, starting at a duration of one week, you acquire basic knowledge of German or develop your existing language skills in a targeted manner. Prospective students or those preparing for a professional qualification in Germany can systematically build up the necessary German language skills to meet specific needs in our long-term courses and reach the required language level in best time.

Crash Course German:

Crash Course combines group lessons with one-to-one lessons so that you benefit from both learning environments: diversity of communication in groups

One-to-one Training German:

In One-to-one Courses, your learning goals, determined prior to course begin by way of a needs analysis, are the focus. Upon request, we can also integrate specific materials into lessons

Learning at the Trainer’s Home:

Learning German and Living at the Trainer’s Home is a one-to-one language training course which takes place at the trainer’s own home. The course provides you with a very personalized form of language training as well as total immersion in the German language and culture. The range of the lesson contents in this course is up to you.

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