Learn Italian Language

Learn Italian Language

Italian is a major European language, being one of the official languages of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe and one of the working languages of the Council of Europe. Italian is widely taught in many schools around the world, but rarely as the first foreign language. Italian is the fourth most frequently taught foreign language in the world.

Our standard courses of Italian language and culture are organized for all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and include, depending on the needs of students, different intensity and duration. Designed for those who wish to learn Italian with a program tailored, are particularly suitable for those with professional needs. These courses include all levels of knowledge of the Italian language (elementary, intermediate, advanced, conversation, Italian for business etc.) And consist of a minimum of 20 hours.


compounds from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 12 people , are designed for students who wish to learn Italian during the summer holidays (June to August).
At the intensive formula of 20 hours per week , plus afternoon activities and excursions to discover the area at the weekend. They have a minimum duration of two weeks , which on request can be extended further.

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